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SPElements Mini Calendar for SharePoint is a free web part which displays events list or any custom list on a mini calendar. The web part support multiple calendar sources (calendar aggregator/roll-up) each with a different color.

  • Uses any list as source (standard calendar, or any list with a date column).
  • Resizable (minimum recommended 180px*180px).
  • Multiple calendar sources (calendar roll-up/aggregator).
  • Selectable color for every calendar source.
  • FREE.

Sample usage scenarios:
  • Single calendar with importance column. Create a mini calendar with a different color for each importance level: Create a single view for each importance level, and add the different views to the mini calendar (one calendar entry per view) with different color for each view.
  • Multiple calendars. Create a mini calendar with a different color for every calendar (simply add the calendars).

SPElements Mini Calendar Settings
Calendar (with mouse pointing at a cell)
SPElements Mini Calendar Example

  • Server: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Live)

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